Measurement Before Bearing Installations

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Measurement Before Bearing Installations

When installing rolling bearings, the dial gauge should be fixed on the end face of the box shell first, so that the top of the contact head of the meter can migrate the transfer bearing on the raceway of the bearing shaft ring. While migrating the transfer, check the dial gauge pointer. If the pointer is swaying, it is clear that the shaft ring and the middle line of the shaft are not vertical.If the shell hole is deeper, you can also use the lengthened dial dial head honing.This is a good way to hone the verticality of the axle ring and axle midline.If the bearing device is installed backwards, not only does the bearing work abnormal, but also the joint surfaces will suffer serious wear and tear.

Because the difference between the shaft ring and the seat ring is not obvious, special care should be taken in the assembly, and it can not be reversed.The precise time of the device should be when its seat ring can actively adapt to the rolling of the rolling body, to ensure that the rolling body is located in the upper and lower ring raceway.In addition, a gap of 0.2-0.5mm should be left between the seat ring and the bearing seat hole of the self-aligning ball bearing to compensate for the errors caused by the machining of parts and the inaccurate composition of the device. 

When the bearing ring is offset in the middle of operation, the gap can ensure that it is adjusted actively to avoid contact friction and make it run normally.Otherwise, the bearing will be seriously damaged.

1.Common types of rolling bearings: rolling mill bearings, joint bearings, turntable bearings, outer spherical bearings with seat, thrust ball bearings, one-way bearings, full roller bearings, thrust roller bearings, linear motion bearings.

For rolling bearings with larger diameter, the clearance is larger, so as to be directly detected with a narrower gauge.For bearings with small diameter, the clearance is small and it is inconvenient to measure with a feeler gauge, but the side clearance of bearings must be measured with a feeler gauge with appropriate thickness.

2. pressure lead detection method

It is more accurate to detect the clearance of rolling bearing by pressing lead than by using a feeler gauge, but it is more time-consuming.The aluminum wire used for testing should be soft, and the diameter should not be too large or too small. The ideal diameter is 1.5~2 times of the clearance. In practical work, soft lead wire is commonly used for testing.Need WSBC 22209 CA/W33,click here to learn more.

WSBC 22209 CA/W33.jpg

Detection, first open the bearing cover, the diameter of the lead wire, appropriate to cut it into 15 ~ 40 mm long segments, on the shaft neck and upper and lower bearing interface, cover the bearing cover, tighten the retaining bolt torque by the regulation, unscrew the bolt, then remove the bearing cover, micrometer is used to inspect flattening lead wire thickness, and the average of the top bearing clearance.If the top gap is too small, the upper and lower tile can be combined with a pad.If it is too large, reduce the pad, scrape the ground or re-pour the tile.

The circumferential surface of the bearing ring should be well supported and the force should be uniform to reduce deformation and give full play to the bearing capacity of the high-temperature bearing.The ring shall not slide along the tangential direction in its mating surface, otherwise it will damage the mating surface.The free end bearing must be able to adapt to the length changes of the shaft and the bearing seat hole, that is, it must have the ability to swim in a certain range of the axial position.Attention must be paid to make the bearing installation and disassembly simple, save labor, time and expense.

Bearing inner diameter: before measurement, the bearing shall be assembled and fastened with the high temperature bearing cover bolt according to the specified torque. The inner diameter meter shall be used to measure after the reference size is measured by the outer diameter micrometer. 

The thinning area shall be avoided during measurement.The difference between the inner diameter of the bearing and the outer diameter of the corresponding journal is the fit clearance.

Coaxiality of the inner hole of the main bearing: the coaxiality error of the inner hole of the main bearing is mainly caused by the coaxiality error of the bearing hole, and the cause of the coaxiality error of the bearing hole is the deformation of the cylinder block.When the radial circular runout of the spindle journal is within the prescribed tolerance, check the eating and printing marks of the spindle journal and the bearing. If the eating and printing positions of the main high temperature bearings are obviously inconsistent, it indicates that the error of coaxiality is large, which can be solved by scraping, boring the bearing or replacing the cylinder block, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the normal operation of the engine.Click here to learn more about WSBC 22214 CC/W33.

WSBC 22214 CC/W33.jpg

1) before the bearing is installed, should be the first to use the appropriate measurement tools, according to the requirements of the offer bearing drawings and mechanical parameters, check the bearing hole and the processing quality, identify authenticity, such as the precision of size, shape, roughness, workmanship bearing model is used to determine whether to apply, please immediately to determine if found not match models do not pretending to be replaced,Serious direct result in mechanical scrap.

2) shaft and bearing assembly on the surface of the hole, if any, burr, rust, or solid particles (such as debris, sand, soil), existence, not only make it difficult to install the bearing installation position is not correct, such as high temperature bearing can fall down solid particles of abrasive, bearing rotates or bruises will wear of bearing working surface, so you must carefully check before installation,If these defects are found, they should be corrected.Such as using oil to remove burrs on the record, put up a fine emery cloth to touch traces, rust, and polish if solid particles, dirt, etc. Clean.

3) when cleaning the installation surface should use gasoline or xylene cleaning, can use a clean cloth, coated with a thin oil, so that you can clearly hum clean and convenient.

4) Open the temporary mounting package of high temperature bearings, which immerse in gasoline and other liquids by hand and gently rotate to ensure the cage, roll package elements and raceway to thoroughly clean the oil surface.

5) Cleaning the bearing, when cleaning the bearing, it should be melted away with 90° to 100° hot oil first, so that the packaging and chip are removed and the tool is seamless without digging the old oil, and then poured into the heat for a few minutes, and then with kerosene, gasoline, and finally washed clean.After washing, gloves should be worn and bearings should be dried on a clean cloth or paper on the table.

6) Special attention should be paid to this. It is absolutely not allowed to take the high temperature bearing that is sealed to clean.

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