Import bearings selected and matters need attention

Time:2017.11.27  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The import bearings and the use of attention in the selected summary of rolling bearing bearing type, type and size are diverse. For the mechanical device to play out the expected performance, select the most appropriate bearing is very important.

For the selected bearing, many will need analysis, from every Angle to research, evaluation on choosing the bearing program, and no special specifications, but the general order as follows:

(1) master mechanical device and bearing conditions of use, etc

(2) to clear the requirements of the bearing

(3) the selected the type of bearing

(4) selected bearing configuration

(5) selected bearing size

(6) the selected bearing specifications

(7) selected bearing installation method

 The using bearing conditions and the environmental condition correctly grasp the use of mechanical device in bearing parts and the using conditions and the environmental condition is suitable the premise of the bearing.

, to obtain the following several aspects of the data and material:

(1) mechanical device functions and structure

(2) the use of bearing parts

(3) bearing load (size and direction)

(4) rotating speed

(5) vibration and impact

(6) bearing temperature (temperature, temperature rise around)

(7) the surrounding atmosphere (corrosive, clean sex, lubricate)

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