How to choose the type of bearing

Time:2015.07.13  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Generally speaking, the steps of selecting bearings may be summarized as follows by Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd:

1. According to the bearing working conditions (including the type of load direction and load, speed, lubrication way and the orientation of coaxial degree requirements, Locate or not locate,installation and maintenance, environment temperature, etc.), choose the basic type, tolerance grade, and bearing clearance;

2. According to the working conditions and stress conditions and life requirements of the bearing, the bearing model can be determined by calculation, or the bearing model can be selected according to the requirements, and the life of the bearing can be checked.

3.Check the rated load and limit speed of the selected bearing.Choose bearing limit rotational speed is the main factor, dacron life and load capacity, other factors help determine bearing type, structure, size and tolerance grade and clearance for the final solution.

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