How to Judge Whether the Lubricating Grease Is Metamorphic

Time:2018.01.16  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

In order to provide better performance during operation, the bearing is usually lubricated by grease , it can reduce the friction and temperature rise of the bearing. If the grease is bad , not only does it not play a role, but it is more detrimental to the use of bearings. The method of judging metamorphic grease are as follows.

1. Oil flow observation.

Take two measuring cups , one is filled with lubricating oils, which need to be examined , one is empty. Lift the measuring cup full of lube oil 30-40 cm from the table and tilt , let the oil flow slowly into the empty cup . Good quality lubricants should be slender, even and continuous , if the flow of oil is abrupt and slow, sometimes there is a large flow, then the oil has gone bad.

2. Hand twist method

Grind the lubricant between the thumb and forefinger. Better lubricants are lubricated, less abrasive and frictionless , If you feel the sand between your fingers, it shows that there are too many impurities in the lubricating oil. You should replace the new lubricating oil.

3. Illumination method

On a clear day, lift the oil with a screwdriver, 45 degree angle to the horizontal plane, check the oil droplets against the sun , if you can clearly see there is no abrasive dust , it means the grease is valid ; if too much abrasive dust , then the oil need to be replaced.

4. Oil drop trace method

Take a clean white filter paper and drop the oil on it , after lubricating oil seepage, if the surface has black powder , touch with a touch of resistance, it means the oil has a lot of impurities.Good lubricants without powder, the hands feel dry and smooth, and the color is yellow .

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