Application of Self Aligning Ball Bearings

Time:2018.01.17  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Industry application: Self aligning ball bearing is suitable for textile machines, plastic machinery, medical equipment and various industrial machinery.

The characteristics of products: self-aligning ball bearings are divided into with a cylindrical bore and two conical hole two types, the material of the cage is plate, synthetic resin, etc. Its characteristic is the outer ring raceway is spherical self-aligning, with automatic alignment, which can compensate for the errors caused by different degrees of concentricity and axial deflection, but the relative inclination of inner and outer rings should not exceed 3 degrees.

It has the ability to conciliate the angle error, and also the design of sealed and non-lubricated, so it’s suitable for working conditions without maintenance.

Compared with any other type of rolling bearing, the friction produced by the self aligning ball bearing is the lowest. Even working in high speed, it has lower temperature rise.

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