Sealed double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings

Sealed double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings SL045018PP

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Boundary dimensions
Bearing NO. Interchangable NO.
90 140 67 3.7 SL04 5018 PP NNF 5018 ADA-2LSV

  Sealed double row full complement cylindrical roller bearings are locating bearings. These bearings are very rigid and can support moderate axial forces in both directions as well as high radial forces. They consist of solid outer and inner rings with ribs, rib-guided cylindrical rollers and sealing rings. The outer rings have snap ring grooves for retaining rings. The inner rings are axially split, 1 mm wider than the outer rings and held together by a rolled-in steel strip.In the case of these type bearings, the running system is protected against contamination and moisture by sealing rings on both sides .

  WSBC SL04 5018 PP bearings are widely used in mining ,petroleum, marine,chemical,coal,cement, heavy machinery,wind power,engineering machinery and other industries.We can also supply interchangable bearing NNF and 3194 series .If you want to know more about SL04 5018 PP bearing , pls do free to contact us .

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