What factors will affect the service life of the roller bearing

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What factors will affect the service life of the roller bearing

From the perspective of roller bearing installation and maintenance, there are many external factors that will affect the service life of the bearing, such as improper installation and improper maintenance. Here to share with you what factors will affect the service life of the roller bearings.

1. Analysis of installation factors

For example, the installation of the gland of the bearing seat of the conveyor roller and the sealing installation of the bearing seat are important factors that affect the performance of the bearing. The installation of the bearing housing sealing sleeve directly affects the radial clearance of the bearing. Too small a bearing clearance will cause the bearing to overheat, aggravate the wear of the bearing, and will not exert the wear resistance of the bearing. This may also directly cause the bearing to jam. Therefore, please use barley paper correctly before installing the gland.

2. Adjust the gland position

The installation quality of the bearing seat seal (skeleton oil seal) will affect the corrosion rate of the bearing. The roller bearing seat works in a humid environment. During the installation process, the damage of the seal and the wrong installation method will cause the bearing and iron oxide impurities to enter the water and accelerate the corrosion rate of the bearing components. When installing the skeleton oil seal, avoid mechanical damage, and the lip should face the outside of the bearing seat. WSBC 2203-2RS bearing online, pls click here.


3. Bearing maintenance factor

For example, the maintenance of the conveyor roller is divided into daily maintenance, operation inspection and troubleshooting. The daily maintenance of bearings is mainly lubrication. In the case of sufficient lubrication, even in the most complex working environment, the service life of the bearing can reach 5 to 10 years (about 200 to 30 million revolutions), but in the case of poor lubrication conditions, the use of the bearing The life span will be reduced to about 3 months (about 9 million revolutions).

The operation inspection of the bearing is mainly to detect the temperature of the bearing seat. The temperature of the bearing seat of the roller table before and after the roller line is usually around 40°C. Even in the early stage of wear of the bearing cover and roller elements, the temperature rise of the bearing seat is not high, not exceeding 43~45~C. However, as the internal parts of the bearing further wear and wear, the temperature of the bearing seat will rise to 4550°C. At this time, the bearings of the roller elements change, become more uneven, and even crack and misalign. Once the roller elements are broken or misaligned, the bearing housing will experience a sharp temperature rise. In the case of smoke from the bearing seat and the bearing jam, the temperature measurement point of the bearing seat will rise to 150 to 170°C.

4. Environmental factors

Although the working environment of roller bearings in the plate production line is complicated, such as heavy load, high speed, water ingress, etc., which affect the service life of roller bearings, we can continue to work hard to improve the site and create a better environment for bearings (for example Buffer, the bearing seat is coated with a waterproof layer, etc.) to extend the service life of the bearing. In order to prolong the service life of the bearing, in the early stage of bearing wear, the bearing should be cleaned and replaced in time, and the position of the bearing housing gland should be re-adjusted to increase or decrease the thickness of the bearing. Seal the gasket properly.

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