What Are The Basic Requirement of Bearing Materials

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What Are The Basic Requirement of Bearing Materials

Choose high-quality bearing materials

The most common material is bearing steel bearing, bearing the internal organization of uniformity, chemical composition, the content of non-metallic inclusions and carbide particle size and distribution status is very strict, and degree of decarburization, otherwise, these defects will significantly shorten the service life of bearing and applicability of materials.

The advantages of bearing steel

1. The purity of bearing steel 

The purity of bearing steel bearing parts fatigue spalling is associated with the non-metallic inclusions in steel, especially oxide influence is greater. This is due to the rolling bearing rotates the contact surfaces under the effect of pulse load-bearing parts, non-metallic inclusion makes steel matrix was continuity of local damage, cause internal stress concentration, plastic deformation occur around the non-metallic inclusions in micro cracks and form. Need WSBC 22217 E, click here to learn more.

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In addition, the bearing steel in the content of gases (oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen) how much is also an important index to measure the purity. Dissolved oxygen precipitation decrease with temperature in the steel and aluminum, calcium, silicon, manganese and other elements to form the oxide inclusion, nitrogen in the form of very diffuse aluminum nitride inclusions in steel and the thick titanium and carbon nitride, titanium nitride inclusions after the gathering of hydrogen atoms into molecular hydrogen produced tremendous pressure, once more than the ultimate strength of steel can cause inside the crack, form a white dot. Reduce the gas content is to improve the bearing steel purity is important one annulus.

Bearing steel main production enterprises in our country, in recent years, much has ultra-high power electric arc furnace, the production of the advanced technology of eccentric bottom tapping, secondary refining, the oxygen content in steel to around 10 x 10-6, individual oxygen content below (4 ~ 3) x 10 to 6. The secondary refining ratio is 100%. As a result, the number of inclusions in the steel obtained better control.

2. The uniformity of bearing steel

The uniformity of bearing steel is referred to the chemical composition of the uniformity and the uniformity of carbide., ingot structure and casting temperature and casting method in steel chemical composition distribution. Steel ingot, billet heating process before the hot working, steel hot working end temperature and subsequent cooling, etc. Influence of carbide spheroidizing annealing process.According to bearing steel carbide nonuniformity in the shape of the microscopic organization. Distribution and its forming reason can be divided into liquid and elutriation, banded carbide carbide carbide network, the dangers of liquid chromatography were carbide quite inclusions in steel, banded carbide rating level 3 ~ 4 can make steel fatigue life is reduced 30%. Carbide network rise l level can make the bearing life 1/3, carbide particle size, directly or indirectly affect bearing life. Liquid chromatography, banded carbide, carbide network rating level is the index of carbide uniformity. Click here to learn more about WSBC 22222-E1-K.

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3. The dimensional accuracy and surface quality of steel

Improve dimensional accuracy not only increase the bearing steel material utilization but also reduce unnecessary machining. Section steel mill with short stress line high rigidity rolling mill, a sharp fall in steel section size deviation, the diameter of 30 mm the following round steel, the diameter deviation of 0.3 mm or so.

Bearing life and reliability and the structure design of the bearing, the materials, hot and cold processing technology and related equipment, installation and use conditions, among them, the material and heat treatment is one of the main factors affecting the service life of bearing and feasibility. Because of the influence of the material and heat treatment process, as the low strength of materials, the purity and metal fiber orientation are not reasonable, low hardness, improper forging ratio, large residual stress factors such as easy to make the bearing damage. Foreign steel quality influence on bearing life in 50 ~ 60 s accounts for about 50%, to a third in the 80 s. Influenced by the process and equipment of our country, the quality of bearing steel's influence on bearing life accounts for about 60%, the reason for bearing production enterprises, select qualified and high-quality bearing materials is one of the key factors to improve the bearing life.

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