The definition and working principle of Rolling Bearings

Time:2008.12.13  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

The bearings is a supporting member for a rotating shaft or a movable portion of various machines,it also rely on rolling the rolling body to achieve the rotation of the host support elements. According to the shape of the rolling body, rolling bearings are divided into ball bearings and roller bearings, widely used in industry (machine tools, mining, metallurgy, petrochemical, textile, electrical, medical, engineering etc), agriculture (tractors and other agricultural machinery), transportation (railway locomotives etc.), home appliances (electric fans, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, video recorders, etc.), office machinery (copiers, airplanes, etc.), and high-tech (atomic energy, nuclear reactors, etc.) and other fields . We are professional roller bearings manufacturer , CA type 22208 CAK/W33 , 22212 CA/W33, 23288 CA/W33 ,if you want to know more about us , welcome you are contact us by email ,

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