The Load Analysis of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

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The Load Analysis of Cylindrical Roller Bearings

Bearing in use is to support the rotating shaft, the shaft may be subjected to radial or axial load, these loads will act on the bearing, such as the helical gear shaft on the reducer, in the transmission process there will be axial load, then the bearing will be subjected to axial load.Cylindrical roller bearings are generally only used to bear radial load, only when the inner and outer rings of the single-row bearing with a side guard can bear a smaller directional axial load or a larger clearance axial load.

Radial load refers to the direction of action perpendicular to the bearing axis of the load.Axial load refers to the direction of bai line along the axis, and the radial direction perpendicular to it is the radius direction of DU along the axis.So the zhi axial load of the bearing refers to the load generated on the dao axis direction of the bearing.Colloquially, it is the force that will push the inner ring of the bearing out the outer ring.

Under normal circumstances, deep groove ball bearing or cylindrical roller bearing can be used for pure radial load.If it is a thrust ball bearing, then it is only suitable for the right amount of pure axial load.And one-way thrust ball bearings can only withstand the bearing load from one direction.Need WSBC 22217 E,click here to learn more.

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If it is a bidirectional thrust ball bearing, or a bidirectional thrust angular contact bearing, it can withstand axial loads in both directions.For example, angular contact ball bearings or tapered roller bearings are usually used if the bearings are subjected to a combination of radial and axial loads.And if it is a four-point contact ball bearing and bidirectional thrust angular contact ball bearing, then it can bear two directions to the bearing itv load as the advantage of the combined load.

However, if the combined load of the bearing is large, then the thrust bearing is only used to bear axial load, and has nothing to do with radial load.If suitable single-row radial ball bearings or four-point contact ball bearings are used to support axial loads, a proper radial clearance should be maintained between the outer ring and the seat hole.

Overturning torque can be caused if the load is applied off-center.Stainless steel bearing manufacturers, and double row ball bearings can withstand overturning torque, but we recommend that you choose with diagonal contact ball, or matching tapered roller bearings, available face to face, back-to-back type is better.Of course, you can also choose to cross tapered roller bearings.

The transition fit or interference fit should be selected for the ring and shaft or seat hole rotating in the direction of load.The interference size is based on the principle that when the bearing is working under load, no "creep" phenomenon occurs on the matching surface of its ring on the shaft or in the seat hole.When the load is very light, or when the ring rotates at low speed occasionally under heavy load, the transition fit can be selected. In this case, the shaft surface should have a higher hardness and a smaller surface roughness.Click here to learn more about WSBC 22218 E.

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1.Cylindrical roller and raceway for line contact or repair contact, radial bearing capacity is large, suitable for bearing heavy load and impact load.

2. Type N and NU can be moved axially, which can adapt to the change of relative position between shaft and shell caused by thermal expansion or installation error, and can be used as free end support.

3. The processing requirements of the shaft or seat hole and other parts are high. After the installation of the bearing, the axis of the outer ring is relatively skewed, which should be strictly controlled to avoid the concentration of contact stress.

4. Small friction coefficient, suitable for high speed rotation, limit speed close to deep groove ball bearings.

5. Cylindrical roller bearing belongs to separation type bearing, the inner ring or outer ring can be separated, easy to install and disassemble.

Cylindrical roller bearings are mainly used in large and medium-sized motors, locomotives and vehicles, machine tool spindles, internal combustion engines, generators, gas turbines, reduction boxes, rolling mills, vibrating screens and lifting and transport machinery, etc.

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