The Classification of Rolling Bearings

Time:2015.05.09  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

1.Classify by bearing load direction

   1) Radial bearing---mainly used to bear radial load, nominal contact angle range from 0 to 45. 

   2) Thrust bearing---mainly used to bear axial load, nominal contact angle range orer 45 to 90.

2.Classify by rolling element

   1) Ball bearing--- the rolling element is ball. 

   2) Roller bearing--- the rolling element is roller. According to difference roller , it can be divided into: Spherical    Roller Bearings , Cylindrical Roller Bearings , Tapered Roller Bearings , Needle roller bearing ...

3.Classify by whether the bearing has aligning function 

   1) Self-aligning bearing--- the bearing race is spherical shape. 

   2) Non-self-aligning bearing

4.Classify by the row number rolling element

   1) Single row bearing--- only one row of the rolling element

   2) Double row bearing--- Has two row rolling element

   3)Multi-row bearing--- Rolling element over two rows, like three rows , four rows...

5.Classify by whether the bearing can be separated

   1)  Separable bearing--- the component can be separated. 

   2)  Non-separable bearing--- After matching, the ring can not be free assortment. 

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