Refrigeration Equipment Bearings

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Refrigeration Equipment Bearings

Refrigeration Equipment is the condenser cools the high temperature gaseous refrigerant transferred by the compressor into the medium temperature liquid refrigerant, and then the refrigerant shrinks the cooling heater through the expansion valve.

All kinds of rolling bearings have different characteristics and are suitable for different use of all kinds of machinery.In general, thrust bearing and angular contact bearing are used when bearing thrust load.For high-speed applications, ball bearings are usually used, and roller bearings are used when bearing heavy radial loads.

1. The space and position of the machine occupied by the bearing

In mechanical design, the size of the shaft is generally determined first, and then the rolling bearing is selected according to the size of the shaft.Usually the small shaft selection of ball bearings, large shaft selection of roller bearings.However, when the bearing is limited in the direction of the diameter of the machine, needle roller bearings, ultra-light and ultra-light series of ball or roller bearings are selected;When the bearing is limited in the axial position of the machine, narrow or extra-narrow series of ball or roller bearings can be selected.

2. The size, direction and nature of the load on the bearing

Load is the most important factor in the selection of bearings.Roller bearings are used to withstand heavier loads, ball bearings are used to withstand lighter or moderate loads, bearings made of carburized carbon steel or bainitic quenching can withstand impact and vibration loads.

In terms of the direction of load, when bearing pure radial load, deep groove ball bearings, cylindrical roller bearings or needle roller bearings can be used.When bearing small pure axial load, the thrust ball bearing can be selected;When bearing large pure axial load, the thrust roller bearing can be used.When bearing bears radial and axial combined load, angular contact ball bearing or tapered roller bearing is generally used.

3. Self-aligning performance of bearings

When the center line of the shaft is different from the center line of the bearing seat, there is an Angle error, or the rigidity of the shaft is small because of the large distance between the two supports of the shaft, and it is easy to be bent or tilted by force, the self-aligning ball or self-aligning roller bearings with good self-aligning performance can be selected, as well as external ball bearings.This kind of bearing can keep working normally when the shaft is slightly tilted or bent.

The quality of bearing self-aligning performance is related to the allowable different coaxiality. The greater the value of different coaxiality, the better the self-aligning performance.Need WSBC 22310 E,click here to learn more.

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4. Rigidity of bearings

The rigidity of the bearing refers to the size of the force required by the bearing to produce unit deformation.Rolling bearing elastic deformation is very small, in most machinery can not be considered, but in some machinery, such as machine tool spindle, bearing rigidity is an important factor, generally should choose cylindrical and tapered roller bearings.Because these two kinds of bearings under load, the rolling body and raceway belong to point contact, the rigidity is poor.

In addition, all kinds of bearings can also be pretightened to increase the rigidity of the support.Such as angular contact ball bearings and tapered roller bearings, in order to prevent the vibration of the shaft, increase the rigidity of the support, often in the installation of a certain amount of axial force is applied in advance, so that they compress each other.It is specially pointed out here that the preload can not be too large.When it is too large, it will increase bearing friction, increase temperature rise and affect bearing service life.

5. Speed of bearings

Each bearing model has its own limit speed, which is determined by physical characteristics such as size, type and structure. The limit speed refers to the maximum working speed of the bearing (usually r/min). Exceeding this limit will cause bearing temperature to rise, lubricant to dry out, and even make the bearing stuck.The speed range required in the service situation helps to decide what type of bearing to use.Most bearing manufacturers' product catalogs provide the limit speed value of their products. Practice has proved that it is better to work under the state of 90% limit speed.

Generally speaking, deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings and cylindrical roller bearings should be selected in the workplace of higher speed.Tapered roller bearings can be used in low speed working occasions.The ultimate speed of tapered roller bearings is generally about 65% of deep groove ball bearings, 70% of cylindrical roller bearings and 60% of angular contact ball bearings.The ultimate speed of thrust ball bearings is low, and can only be used for low speed occasions.Click here to learn more about WSBC 22311 E.

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6. Easy to install and disassemble bearings

When selecting bearing types, it is necessary to consider whether the installation and disassembly of bearings is convenient, especially for the installation and disassembly of large and extra-large bearings.General angular contact ball bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearings with separable outer rings are convenient to install and disassemble. Their inner and outer rings can be mounted on the shaft or in the shell hole respectively.In addition, self-aligning roller bearings, double row cylindrical roller bearings and self-aligning ball bearings with tapered inner diameter and set sleeve are also easy to install and disassemble.

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