Reasons and solutions for several bearing damage

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Reasons and solutions for several bearing damage

In the process of our daily use of bearings, some factors often cause some wear during the rotation of the bearings, and the wear of these bearings will completely damage the bearings as they gradually increase. At this time, they need to be replaced manually. So what are the factors that generally cause bearing damage?

1. Bearings caused by inclusions caused by work surface or fill

Due to the poor toughness of the inclusions such as carbides, oxides, there is a different interface between the surrounding matrix material, and when the size is large and the bearing working surface and the second surface are present, it is easy to rupture after exemplary. The surrounding edges are often extruded and relaxed from both sides, and relaxing is a fatigued crack, thereby peeling the starting point.

2. Bearing slide

Due to the high bearing speed, light load and rotation of rotational contact surfaces of the surface of the rotary contact surface, sliding is a special fine wear form. Slide and damage are characterized by the flash of obstacles. WSBC 7200ACbearings online, pls click here. 

Sliding injury is a common fault of aerospace spindle roller bearings, which occurs in ball bearings. The main reason for the roller bearing slide is that the weight of the rotor is lighter, and the bearing does not form a sufficient radial load; the main reason for the ball bearing slip is to change the axial load. In addition, the splitting resistance of the rolling bodies and cages will also happen.

It can be reduced by reducing the number of rolling bodies and sizes, using a non-circular wreath to reduce the weight of the stent, reduce the radial gap and increase preloading or the like. Avoid the bearing slip.

3. Guide surface and non-working surface wear

In critical lubrication, two objects that are in contact with each other will result in surface damage, and if the process continues to continue, damaged expansion results in surface ablation, resulting in gradual loss of work surface materials, which is wear. Figure 6 is a wear morphology of the engine bearing housing guiding surface.


Bearings are likely to wear in the case where the assembly is improper, cage and it is likely to happen. When combined with transparency, the compression nut is not compressed, the ferrule fitting surface produces relative rotation, resulting in surface wear; when the cage is resonant, it will cause the surface and ferrule guidance surface. Wear; the inversion of the roller bearing is too high or the inner and outer ring can easily cause the roller end surface wear. These wear lamps disrupted the bearing accuracy, which leads to the short-term bearings to prevent such faults in the design. WSBC 7200ACbearings online, pls click here. 

4. Contact corrosion

Contact corrosion is the surface wear of the material that occurs on the assembly interface, that is, the inner hole, outer diameter and end surface of the bearing. Remove the particles and the contact surface is oxidized to form a black red connection layer, cover the portion or all of the fit interfaces.

During use, the bearing is fitted with the surface, and the work surface often occurs, mainly due to the working state fitting surface and the mating surface to maintain salt (CL-, etc.) and moisture (can be separated from O2-separation), the salt integral main source operator's hand-drawn. In addition, abnormal vibration and overload may also cause contact corrosion.

5. Fracture is a material separation caused by the extension of cracks to stress regions on a component

Under normal conditions, the load of the cage is small, and there are dozens of multiplier intensity reserves. However, when the rolling body is damaged, the bearing is broken, the cage is abnormal vibration, the inner and outer ring is severely inclined, the double semi-set is not in the abnormal conditions, the load is rapidly increased, and the intensity reserve may all disappear, which in turn Capture break.

The ferrule break is mainly due to the high DN value rotation, due to the difference in fracture toughness of high carbon high strength bearing steel, wherein the defective portion of the stress concentration factor and the material defective portion of the material becomes the starting point of the break. The large interference fit may also cause breakage.

The bearing is broken and damage causes a large amount of material separation, and the bearing element is damaged, and the function is lost. By selecting high toughness, the impact can be reduced, and the bearing element can be avoided.

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