Precautions For Using Spark Bearings

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Precautions For Using Spark Bearings

As a precision spare part, the bearing has many points that need attention when it is installed and used. If it is a little careless, the bearing will malfunction or fail, so the user needs to pay attention to the following matters to make the bearing work better. Extend its service life.

  1. Mechanical damage

   In severe cases, metal peeling and large-scale messy scratches occur on the touch surface; under normal circumstances, bearing mechanical damage means that the alloy surface of the bearing bush shows different levels of groove marks. The main reason for the mechanical damage of the bearing due to the damage of the touch surface and the appearance of the ablation is that the bearing surface is difficult to form an oil film or the oil film is severely damaged.

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  2. Bearing pitting

  The surface layer undergoes plastic deformation and cold work hardening, and the sliding bearing is under the repeated effect of cylinder pressure impact load. Partial loss of deformation ability, gradually forming lines and continuously expanding, and then with the fall of abrasive debris, the surface layer of the load forms holes. Normally, when the bearing shell erodes, pits appear first, and then the pits gradually expand and cause cracking at the interface of the alloy layer. The cracks expand along the parallel direction of the interface until the drop stops. The main reason for the erosion of sliding bearings is that the cross-section of the layout elements such as the oil groove and the oil hole suddenly changed, resulting in intense oil flow imbalance. The vacuum area of the oil flow imbalance constitutes bubbles, and then the erosion occurs due to the pressure increase and the collapse of the bubbles. Cavitation usually occurs in the high-load area of the bearing, such as the lower bearing pad of the crankshaft main bearing.

  3. Tired pitting

  Because the engine is overloaded, bearing fatigue pitting refers to. It makes the bearing operation overheat and the bearing gap too large, which constitutes fatigue damage, fatigue pitting or fatigue in the middle of the bearing. Most of this damage is caused by overloading, excessive bearing clearance, perhaps unclean lubricating oil, and foreign matter mixed in. Therefore, when using it, you should pay attention to avoid bearing overload operation. Do not operate at too low or too high speed; adjust the engine to a stable condition when idling; ensure normal bearing clearance to avoid engine speed too high or too low; view, adjust cooling The operating conditions of the system ensure that the operating temperature of the engine is suitable.

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  4. Bearing alloy corrosion

   The chemical impurities (acidic oxides, etc.) contained in the smooth oil oxidize the bearing alloy to generate acidic substances. The corrosion of the bearing alloy is usually due to the impurity of the smooth oil. Cause the bearing alloy part to fall, forming irregular small cracks or small pits. The primary cause of bearing alloy corrosion is improper selection of smooth oil, poor corrosion resistance of bearing materials, and perhaps rough engine operation and high temperature.

  5. Bearing melting

There is a small convex metal surface between the neck and the bearing conflicting pair. In case of lack of smoothness and poor cooling, the bearing alloy becomes black or partially melted. This problem is often caused by the tight cooperation between the journal and the bearing; the lack of smooth oil pressure also simply burns the bearing.

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