High-speed Ball Bearings

Time:2017.09.25  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

Usually we name a rolling bearing with a Dmn value of more than 1.0X106mm.r/min as high speed ball bearing. " Dm" is the average diameter of the rolling bearing, and " n" is the speed of the inner ring. The centrifugal force has great influence on the life and strength of rolling bearings when they are moving at high speed. Therefore, the weight of high-speed rolling bearings is often reduced to improve the high speed performance, that is to choose the light and super light series or the ceramic ball as the rolling element for high-speed ball bearings.  

(1) the use of precision bearings

(2) analysis of bearing internal clearance (Consideration of internal clearance reduction in bearing caused by temperature rise)

(3) analysis of cage material (for high speed rotation, copper alloy or phenolic resin cutting holder is more suitable, also synthetic resin forming cages.

(4)analysis of lubrication (use high speed rotary lubrication, spray lubrication, oil mist lubrication and oil and gas lubrication).

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