CA Type Spherical Roller Bearings

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CA Type Spherical Roller Bearings

Roller bearings are much larger than spherical bearings (usually designed with deep grooves).The rotational speed of outer spherical bearings is much higher under the same state of bearing load.Have two columns of spherical roller, there's a share of the spherical outer ring raceway, has a good heart performance, when the axial stress bending or install different heart bearings can still be used normally, this type of bearing load capacity is larger, besides can bear radial load bearing can withstand the two-way axial load and has a good impact resistance, typically spherical roller bearing is allowed to work speed is low.It has the performance of aligning which is not available in other bearings, and it varies with bearing size series.

It's decided to spherical roller bearing can be applied to some of the bad performance in the workplace, especially overloaded at one end of the long axis of bearing can avoid the shaft bending caused by the wrong operation, the effect of this is other types of rolling bearing does not have the features, and in the fan-shaped section of steel rolling, mining machinery, crusher, gear box, steel rolling to, deceleration machine, the place such as the application of tension roll, the CA model and CC type two structure is most widely used.

Type CA: integrated brass machined cage, inner ring without center retaining edge, end face with two small retaining edge, roller is symmetrical.Need WSBC 22209 CA/W33,click here to learn more.

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So in terms of application occasions, due to the cage CA structure, in the shape of the bearing under the condition of limited size, taking up more internal space, make the shape of the roller and quantity is limited by a certain size, thereby reducing the likelihood of further enhancing its radial bearing bearing capacity, in the working condition of overloading high-speed environment should choose more CC structure.

And CC structure of spherical roller bearing, compared with CA structure, keep the frame to improve the tensile strength of the larger, at the same time as the CC design occupies less than CA structure bearing internal space, so the increase quantity, change the shape of the roller rolling body size, to some extent, which can improve the radial load capacity of bearing, so can withstand more than CA structure design of the axial bearing capacity.

For spherical roller bearings, the use of an intermediate mounting ring prevents inclination and rotation of the outer ring when the bearing with shaft is loaded into the box shaft hole.It should be remembered that some sizes of self-aligning ball bearings have balls that protrude from the side of the bearing, so the middle mounting ring should be recessed to prevent damage to the balls.A large number of bearings are usually installed mechanically or hydraulically.

For separable bearings, the inner and outer rings can be installed separately, which simplifies the installation process, especially if both inner and outer rings need interference fit.When putting the shaft with the inner ring in place into the bearing box with the outer ring, attention must be paid to check whether the inner and outer rings are correctly aligned to avoid scratching the bearing raceway and rolling parts.If cylindrical and needle roller bearings have an inner ring without a flange or an inner ring with a flange edge on one side, a mounting sleeve is recommended.Click here to learn more about WSBC 22217 CA/W33.

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The mounting axial clearance of self-aligning roller bearings can be adjusted by adjusting nuts on the journal, threads in adjusting gaskets and bearing seat holes, or by pre-tightening springs.The size of axial clearance is related to the arrangement of bearing installation, the distance between bearing and the material of shaft and bearing pedestal, and can be determined according to working conditions.For self-aligning roller bearings with high load and high speed, the influence of temperature rise on the axial clearance must be taken into account when adjusting the clearance, and the reduction of clearance caused by temperature rise should be included in the estimation. 

In other words, the axial clearance should be adjusted a little larger appropriately.For bearings of low rotation speed and bearing vibration, no clearance installation should be adopted, or pre-load installation should be applied.The purpose is to make the roller and the raceway of the self-aligning roller bearing have good contact, the load is evenly distributed, and prevent the roller and the raceway from being damaged by vibration impact.

After adjustment, the size of axial clearance is checked by the dial indicator.The method is to fix the dial indicator on the fuselage or bearing seat, so that the dial indicator contact against the smooth surface of the axis, along the axis around the push axis, the maximum pendulum momentum of the dial needle is the axial clearance value.

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