BS double seal series bearings Features

Time:2010.03.16  Source:Roller Bearings Suppliers

BS series double seal spherical roller bearings in the homologous series bearings foundation , increased the high strength rubber seal in its both sides , thus has guaranteed bearing working safely in adverse circumstance , prevented lubricant leak out .Plays the dustproof , waterproof, and heavy load , bore high-pressured role , therefore , enhanced the service life greatly , is widely applied in the steel , the iron , the mine ,the papermaking , the coal mine , the papermaking , the coal mine , the engineering machinery , the chemical industry , the petroleum and the metallurgy etc . Our hot sale bearing code has BS2-2226-2CS ,BS2-2224-2CSK,BS2-2220-2CSK,BS2-2219-2CSK,BS2-2216-2CS,BS2-2313-2CS

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