Inspection for WSBC Bearings

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Inspection for WSBC Bearings

Proper storage and reasonable installation will definitely bring satisfactory results to your use. The bearing will affect and destroy the original quality of WSBC bearing due to pollution, corrosion, deformation and other factors, and it will not achieve your expected use effect.

1. Storage: WSBC bearings should not be exposed to the air. The storage warehouse should be kept clean and dry. The relative humidity of the inventory air should not exceed 55%. The temperature should be suitable. After folding and sealing, the bearings that are not used temporarily should be oiled and sealed. Also avoid putting it together with corrosive substances such as acids, alkalis and chemicals.

2. Transportation: The bearing should avoid deformation and damage due to bumps and drops during transportation.

3. Cleaning: Except for the sealed bearings with cover on both sides, the other bearings are added with anti-rust oil before leaving the factory. They should be cleaned before use. Usually the bearings are immersed in gasoline mixed with 8-10% mineral oil. Hold the inner ring with one hand and rotate the outer ring with the other hand to wash away the anti-rust agent on the bearing surface. After cleaning, the bearing cannot be rotated anymore. After the gasoline is volatilized, lubricating oil or grease is injected. Do not stick to dust, moisture, hand sweat, so as not to affect the rotation accuracy and rust.

4. Loading and unloading: The installed shaft or hole should be smooth and free of burrs. Carefully measure whether the diameter of the shaft or hole meets the standard. Recognize the reference surface of the WSBC bearing. For the bearing installed on the shaft, only force can be applied to the inner ring. For the bearing installed in the hole, the force is on the outer ring, and the force should be evenly distributed on the circumference of the end face of the ring. Do not hit with force on one side to avoid the phenomenon of skewed biting. When loading and unloading bearings with large interference, use counter bearings. The preheating method is carried out, and the heating temperature is between 90-100℃. For double-row spherical roller bearings and single-row tapered bearings, pay more attention, because the inner rib is very thin, and the hole is easily broken if accidentally.

5. Inspection: After the installation of the WSBC bearing, it should rotate flexibly without stopping. In addition, the dimensional accuracy and rotation accuracy of the bearing have been checked before leaving the factory to ensure the quality. The traces on the inner and outer rings of the bearing and the black on the chamfers of the bearing rings are all due to the quality assurance process and inspection methods. It is purely normal and does not affect product quality. WSBC Bearing 23220-2CS online, contact us for more details. 

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After the WSBC bearing is installed, in order to check whether the installation is correct, it is necessary to perform a running inspection. Small machines can be rotated by hand to confirm whether they rotate smoothly. The inspection items include poor operation due to foreign objects, scars, and indentations, unstable torque due to poor installation and poor processing of the mounting seat, excessive torque due to too small clearance, installation error, and seal friction, etc. Wait. If there is no abnormality, power operation can be started.

Large-scale machinery cannot be rotated manually, so immediately cut off the power after starting without load, and the machinery is idling. Check for vibration, noise, and contact with rotating parts. After confirming that there is no abnormality, enter the power operation.

The power operation starts at a low speed with no load and slowly increases to the rated operation under the specified conditions. The items to be checked during the test run are whether there are abnormal sounds, changes in bearing temperature, leakage or discoloration of lubricants, etc. If an abnormality is found, the operation should be stopped immediately, the machine should be inspected, and the bearing should be removed for inspection if necessary. Wuxi Spark Bearing Co.,Ltd provides WSBC Bearing 23224-2CS, click here to buy it.


WSBC bearing temperature can generally be estimated based on the external temperature of the bearing seat. However, it is more accurate to use the oil hole to directly measure the temperature of the outer ring of the bearing. The temperature of the bearing gradually increases from the start of operation, and usually stabilizes after 1 to 2 hours. If the bearing is installed improperly, the temperature will rise sharply, resulting in abnormally high temperature. The reasons include too much lubricant, too small bearing clearance, poor installation, and excessive friction of the sealing device. In the case of high-speed rotation, the wrong choice of imported bearing structure and lubrication method is also the reason.

The rotating sound of the WSBC bearing is checked with a stethoscope, etc., there are strong metal noises, abnormal sounds, irregular sounds, etc., indicating abnormalities. The reasons include poor lubrication, poor shaft or bearing seat accuracy, bearing damage, and foreign matter intrusion.

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